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  1. The Amazing Eternals Development

    Damn... that sucks. While I wasn't one of the most passionate players nor one of the ones that played all too often, I did enjoy The Amazing Eternals for what it was. I hate to see it go by the wayside. I hope the team can pull their spirits up and go forward with their heads held high. Thanks for fighting the good fight, TAE team.
  2. Hadn't considered the fact that you could use a global "esc menu" and dump it in all areas of the game pretty easily (and access quickly)... I rescind my previous comment!
  3. I don't see this mentioned in the primary post and I don't mean to to nekro this thread, but are there plans to remove logout/options/quit from a secondary menu (hitting esc/back on mouse) and adding them to the primary menu?
  4. Name Change Mega Thread

    In case anyone wanted to discuss, or comment, on my view on this, I'm posting my response to the GForm here: While "The Amazing Eternals" may, or may not, suit the "style" of the game, it's easily forgotten and misremembered (as I've pointed out in the name change thread). As an example: think about The Elder Scrolls series... you remember their "catchy" names; "Morrowind", "Oblivion", "Skyrim", you don't remember them as "The Elders Scrolls: <name>". "Keystone" both suits the theme (given it's the name of the main board piece) and is simple to remember/recognize. If it needed to stay, I would recommend using "The Amazing Eternals" as a subtitle, rather than the main title.
  5. This may just be a knee-jerk reaction to something already somewhat established... but I have to agree with a lot of the comments here regarding the naming, I also prefer "Keystone" over "The Amazing Eternals". "Keystone" is a unique name(the word itself) and a simple 2-syllable word, which makes it easier to remember; "The Amazing Eternals" is a bit more complex and harder to make a snap recollection ("The Awesome Eternals", "Amazing Immortals", etc.). I think "The Amazing Eternals" would work better as a subtitle to "Keystone": "Keystone: The Amazing Eternals". That said, looking forward to the Closed Beta!
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