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  1. Oh, I almost forgot. This is just a minor suggestion and it's been made many times before. Drop the kill cam. It'll always be buggy and honestly it's more useful to know what the situation is like during the respawn timer so you can plan a bit.
  2. Alright, I think I'm finally tired enough to post something decent. Don't ask how that works. Anyway, this is just gonna be a jumbled mess, but whatever. Niia She had huge damage potential in the form of Dreamcatcher and her bow, with great late-game potential with her crossbow. Specter was also a powerful weapon that allowed Niia to play at closer range, however it honestly just felt like an alternative to Dreamcatcher most of the time. My suggestion with her weapons is simple: decrease Dreamcatcher's short-range damage and have it ramp up to full damage once the bullet reaches a certain distance from her. Specter, on the other hand, should be stronger at mid-range versus long range, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head right now. There was one weekend during the alpha (I believe) where a bug caused Trap Mastery to be applied every time you respawned, causing the max trap limit to skyrocket. Let's just say her trap build was absolutely amazing. That aside, I have to agree with Vert's suggestion: Niia, as far as I could tell, had a gunner build and a bow build. However, there were two lesser used builds as well: trapper, and crossbow. Traps were often used to augment existing builds. For example, the darts haunted enemies in range, which made it possible to track them through walls and snipe them when their heads popped out. I'd like to see a full trapper build though. To start with, traps are fairly easy to notice and experienced players will always seek them out. A lot of people have suggested making them more difficult to spot, but what if you could hide them on walls instead? Also, it might be neat to see more upgrades/power ups for trap cards, like trap damage or a power up that gives your traps an extra trigger or something. As for the crossbow build, it was very powerful at late game to the point that a single poison dart from the crossbow could eventually kill Bristle in one shot if the game lasted long enough. A simple solution to Niia's (and Ray's) upgrade decks being so powerful late game would be to replace Upgrade Focus and Power Up Focus with different cards entirely. This would also mean their upgrades (and power ups to a lesser extent) would need to be buffed a tad. Poison Boost could be replaced with "Poison Ticks deal +2 damage per tick" maybe, which would result in 20 more damage overall. In a poison focused build, by mid-game (which is around 4 stacks with the super long timers from late beta), that'd be +80 overall damage, bringing Crossbow's total damage up from 100/10s to 180/10s. Additionally, I can't remember if it did, but only allow a single poison proc per shot (so Venomous Bite wouldn't buff Crossbow's damage to 260/10s per shot). A couple interesting power ups could be added as well. Here's some things I'd suggest adding to her: Maybe add a power up (doesn't last very long, ofc) that restores a portion of the poison damage she does as healing to herself? It would add a small amount of self-sustain to her build, but with such a low health cap, it wouldn't be super powerful at all. Additionally, it'd be neat to see some more support focused traps. Although Niia is no Ray, it might be neat to see a trap that does a small AoE burst of healing when an ally in range drops to low health (or possibly even if they would die). It would be something small, but could save Niia if she gets spotted or even give the team that last minor push toward capturing the fragment you've been fighting over. It would be neat if there was an upgrade that increased trap effectiveness. For damage focused traps, it'd just increase damage (fire trap would have increased initial damage probably). For traps like Grounding Totem and the slow trap, it'd increase the slow amount slightly. For the healing trap suggested above, it'd increase the healing. It might be neat to see a trap Niia can deploy that acts similar to Vauban's bounce pad. She doesn't have much of a way to get to high ground, so it could get her up to the nice sniper perches while still being a consumable. However, it'd be much more limited than jetpack and UFO, giving Ray the upper hand in mobility. Ray Welp, it's been a long time since I played as Ray. Anyway, he had two main builds, as far as I could tell: Gunner, using Von and Atomic primarily Turrets, which relied on Disruptor Turret and UFO Both builds ran as many burn cards as possible. Ray's timers were so high that it was next to impossible to keep up your weapons as a gunner without running basically just weapons and burn. Anyway, I think it'd be neat to see a third build for Ray, as an alternative to Nautica almost: support, which focuses on healing and buffing. He has plenty of healing options already, however not many for support. Add a force field generator of some sort. It blocks enemy bullets and projectiles, however the generator itself is vulnerable to close range attacks and the force field has a limited amount of health. It would have cracks in it as a visual indicator of how much health it has left. Heal chain, oh boy. Let it chain through allies with full health. A healing station should be able to chain through three people and heal someone who is a good distance away. Maybe redo the card to be more like this: "Heal Chain: Support beams chain through +1 allies. Each ally chained through lowers the effect by 20%." It would be able to chain to an ally with a maximum distance based on the range of the source. For example, if a healing station had a range of 5 meters and there were allies 5m and 10m from the station in a line, then it should be able to reach that second ally (although it'd be 20% less effective). Ray's Von and Atomic are pretty great where they are, though I'd suggest removing Heat Sink in favor of a card that increased the rate heat was lost. This means that you couldn't get huge bursts from Von, but it'd still increase the overall fire rate. Maybe change it to something like this: "Heat Sink: Weapon heat is dispersed 25% faster." Ray of Hope is really powerful with his mini med station. Instead of the healing station, what if he had some kind of unique tower, like one that gave shields to allies in range? It'd still provide sustain and a form of healing, but it wouldn't allow Ray to sit and camp with three med stations near him and never die due to the extreme healing. Also, having his main ability as healing seems odd for a character who isn't a dedicated healer.
  3. Poison Boost Fix poison boost not boosting poison damage while you're dead I'll think of more stuff later, but I really haven't played this game in so long that I doubt I'd be much help.
  4. A Wall of the fallen Eternals

    Here lies Disruptor Pistol. Never got the buff it deserved. 2017-2017
  5. The Amazing Eternals Development

    RIP in pepperonis. This game was fun, I hope it comes back sometime. Thanks for letting us play it while it lasted!
  6. PSA: Card Timer Changes

    You did pretty well on it too
  7. It also gives the enemy free kills in TDM.
  8. Is that really a bad thing? I mean, the only thing that happened is you went backwards on the board, you didn't lose anything... If anything, I'd be thanking them for making progression easier for you lol
  9. The Amazing Eternals Dev Hunt!

    Normally I'd argue that they wouldn't leave a match, but most matches I've played against DE employees in the past had them leave mid-game for work or testing or whatever reason. This is actually a good point. Edit: Also, welcome to the forums @[DE]Sean-T!
  10. Yes, Dreamcatcher should do the same damage as her bow. I completely agree with this. /s
  11. This is what I was mostly interested in to be honest. The dice look cool, but glasses?
  12. Tokens

    60% (roughly) do want a reset, and if they plan on fixing progression, i doubt they'll change it without some kind of reset. Also, Drew has stated before that he wants to avoid a second currency. Purchases with real money will be restored and if they do a reset, it'll probably still preserve your current cards/eternals somehow, so it's worth it to get tokens. Plus, you get them just from progressing. You don't really farm them.
  13. So proto-ray is an actual eternal?

    I'd prefer proto ray to be a skin like everything else, where you equip it in the eternal screen. It'd simplify deck building, especially since proto ray has no differences from normal ray except for the appearance and voice lines. I'd also like to use the commemorative enamel with the proto skins. Also, it'd make the eternals list shorter and easier to search through.