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  1. We miss u drew

    Was a while since I was on, I miss this game too... And everyone... Damn...
  2. A Wall of the fallen Eternals

    Here lies Raymond Windstone Lost connection to evevy life form in the galaxy and never been seen again My he rest in pease 2017 - 2017
  3. Music, Assests, models and maps

    DE known mostly for PVE. I admire their effort to make something new and fresh, if I were them I will also try to create something new because it's not only the players who gets board, but the developers as well. About shering assests, as much as I want them as well, I don't think it's a good idea. These assests belong to DE, who knows who might get them, use them for themselves and make a game with DE's assests and make some profit. This is like giving away money.
  4. My last image

    Game design task I got... Studies n' stuff...
  5. My last image

    Do you allow me to use this picture for a presentation I'm doing about the game?
  6. As the title suggest, I'm looking for a program to record my gameplay. I study game design and about to get a task to make a presentation for a game, prefered lease known games. TAE was the game I chose and because the game will be shut down soon I can't play live and show footage of the game the way I want. I think that TAE will make a fine presentation and will give an example of the fact that sometime games just doesn't work. In order to get the footage I want and still be able to actually show pieces of the game and get some gameplay I need to record and I have zero experiance in that. In the next month or two I'll get this task and will represent the game to 30+ other future game designers, and I will be one step closer to my dream job. If you also want to share some pictures and gameplay footage, you're more than welcome. About sharing my presentation with you guys, I might do it but I'll need to know how to create subtitles too because English isn't my first luanguage. Hope to see the game coming back and wish DE the best of luck.
  7. Amazing Eternals T-Shirts

    I need it.
  8. a moment of silence

    *Press F*
  9. The Amazing Eternals Development

    I didn't play in a while because of PoE in Warframe, but I wanted to revisit the game and even got one or two more friends into the game from my game design studies. I learn game design and started my second year yesterday. The teacher wanted us to make a presentetion about a less known game and TAE was the first game that came into my mind, unfortunatly there are less chances now to play live and showcase the game. I was *This* close to introduce the game to 30+ people while it's live and I still have 5 beta keys left. I'm still going to introduce it tho and make my presentation. Hope you will revisit the project one day. "Command, it's been an honor to serve with you"
  10. I made a Thing

    Sounds good. Lets try taking it a step farther, starting with the scanner (I think Shift will fit better): Ability name: Scanner. EternalX (I don't know what you named her) scans a target and reveal his weak spot. A shot in this spot is always critical. The scan will last for 10 seconds untill disappearing. Keystone ability name (Q): Sapper Drones EternalX release drones around her that sap enemy players every 2 seconds. A sap will stagger the enemies for 0.2 seconds and will resive 5 points of damage. The drones will seek players only in 15 meters radius and will fly untill destroyed by enemy fire or untill runs out of battery (10 seconds). The drones have 30 HP each. Cards can be more health for the drones, better flight speed, revealing two weak spots, other type of drones, you get the idea.
  11. I made a Thing

    Looks great. Do you have farther concept with this model? Abilities, example for cards, role?
  12. Toxicty Rant

    I lol'd Anyway. I barely deal with toxity in TAE, I had a few in TF2 (mostly for being a newb), but not here. The best way to deal is to just let it pass and ignore as you said. Unfortunetly, people take this game seriosly and forget it's just a game and have no impact on thier life what so ever, there aren't even ranked matches yet, only casual gameplay. I also like to keep a good looking progression with more kills than deaths and more wins than loses, but sometimes the opponenet is better and probubly have the same goal as everyone with no intention of losing. I also hate this kind of behavior. I also think that it's good you wrote it here because it helps to just break a little and share a problem you have, just for you to feel better. Glad you shared.
  13. Introductions!

    Hello. My name is Michael, you can call me Mike. FrostedMike in Warframe as well,. Registered at around Update 9 or 10 but playing since Nyx Prime Access because of my potato computer back then. I'm a student for game design and made 4 student video games so far and one board game : A text based video game that was given as a challenge (C++). A rougelike dungeon explorer in ASCII that you can create levels for it (My favorate) (C++). An offroad for two players (Unity engine). A 3rd person game that you get a task from an NPC and need to do it (Semester project that just needed to show that we learned something) (Unreal Engine). The board game is a "Risk"-like game that you have to conquer territories. Starting my second year of studying at the end of the month which contains advanced Unity and actual Game Design.
  14. Developer Workshop: Game Board 2.0

    Wait, so the proto ray game piece can be upgraded or I have to upgrade my founder pack to legend to get it?
  15. I won't play until the bots are gone

    Most of my last few matches I played only with bots because there is just no one around or the matchmaking just sucks. I prefer playing with bots than playing against... No one... For me it's either bots or no one, because the matchmaking isn't good.