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  1. ITS FINALLY HERE Amazing Eternals T-shirts are now availible at https://www.customink.com/fundraising/the-amazing-eternals-tshirts Single Sided Varients Can Be Found At: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/amazing-eternals-shirt-variant-1 and https://www.customink.com/fundraising/amazing-eternals-shirt-variant-2 Cost: 25 US Dollars Single Sided Costs: Variant 1=15 US Dollars Variant 2=17 US Dollars Profit = 0 this is completly not for profit Cost of shirts = Cost to produce In Order For The Shirts To Be Printed We Need 52 Sales During The 2 Week Campain!! Pics of shirts Chestnut Black Blue Red Purple!!!! (New)
  2. JOIN US For our final moments in amazing eternals so we can make them memorable i am also streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/perrydatplatipus until the servers shutdown so come give me a shout Cya in the multiverse Eternals For One Last Time (Hopefully not)
  3. Amazing Eternals T-Shirts

    Update on the shirts the fuzzy parts on ray and some of the back part of the shirts have been fixed they now look better
  4. Concepts For T-Shirts To Honor The Beta And the hard work of the Devs
  5. The Amazing Eternals Dev Hunt!

    But I already stabbed Paul a bunch where my packs at lol Ik it hasn't started yet but Paul I'm coming for you bb
  6. Do you have to be bald to work at DE ?

    Well You See in our magical land of igloos and polarbears known as Canada We wear hats to hide the fact that south park nailed how we look.... that being that we are all bald I hate my life for this sentence
  7. Community Poll: Progression Reset

    What I believe should happen is that should a card or eternal be changed or simply gotten rid of though a reset of some kind that the value of the cards be refunded so that we could unlock new cards to replace them thus keeps balance and a fan base with a lower salt concentration LIVE LONG AND GROFIT my fellow eternals
  8. So proto-ray is an actual eternal?

    If other protos are released I'd like to see like a system of playing to get them similar to warframe My thought was like the crystals we throw our lives at to protect you and similar to a blueprint but to unlock a proto I believe you should have to collect "proto" fragments which correspond to different parts of the eternal example you find the fragment for their primary weapon, armor, and other special parts that are common accross all eternals Just a though btw typed this all on my phone sorry for the grammar issues LIVE LONG AND GROFIT my fellow eternals
  9. [Community/Official] Stream/Video List

    If I Can I Will Stream This At twitch.tv/perrydatplatipus feel free to drop by if i am streaming link:Stream Link
  10. Want a role on Discord? Post in here!

    Not sure if there is a legend founder role if there is that one but otherwise im asking for the alpha role (played a bit when I had the time was busy) Perry#5881
  11. Could We Possibly See Some Warframe Easter Eggs In The Battlefield I WANA SEE A CLEM NOGGLE SOMEWHERE!!!!!