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  1. Any survivors still dwelling the wasteland?

    We won't let them die!
  2. The Amazing Eternals Development

    Indeed. I still check back here in the forums almost every day in the hopes they've announced something, even though I know they probably won't. I would absolutely love it if they would enable some way to host private servers or something of the sort.
  3. The Amazing Eternals Development

    Game servers are down for now. DE wasn't happy with how the Beta was going and decided to "hit the pause button" on development. No one knows whether they'll decide to give it another shot in the future, but it's looking pretty grim.
  4. Suggestions for the Amazing Returnals

    Huh, I must've missed where DE said this. I didn't keep up with the patch notes as well as I probably should've. XP The name thing wasn't a huge deal for me, I just thought "Amazing Eternals" was a tad generic and didn't capture the uniqueness of the game as well as it could have. Still though, I'd take the game back with any name DE wanted to throw at it at this point.
  5. Suggestions for the Amazing Returnals

    I know, I know, but I can dream, right?
  6. Today (11/16/2017) marks two weeks since TAE servers shut down. Digital Extremes announced this sad, sad news with the words "we have decided to hit the pause button on DEvelopment at this time". This phrase alone gives me hope that one day, they might decide to revisit the game and give it another chance at greatness. If that day comes, I have a few suggestions I would like to present that I feel would give the game a much better reception. First and foremost: I think the name should be changed back to Keystone. Keystone is a shorter, more memorable name, and I liked how well it tied in with the deckbuilding theme of the game. EDIT: Name thing was explained pretty clearly by DE, but I missed it somehow. Thanks to Verticules for pointing this out. Second (this is the nasty one): More content. While I personally thought the game was fantastic as it was, six characters, three maps, and two modes is simply not enough for most people. If and when TAE makes a comeback, it would do well to have significantly more to play with. Third: Progression. In my opinion, progression was on the right track towards the end of TAE's closed Beta. The game board gave a guaranteed reward (of sometimes huge significance) after every game played, and that was a good thing, but the rewards themselves began feeling a little underwhelming after a few laps around the board. The card-collecting is fun, but there really should be other things in the drop table. Maybe cosmetic items of some kind? Maybe collectible figurines or trading cards? Also, game piece choice should really influence progression in some some way (I know DE was going to take a closer look at this, but they never implemented it before the shutdown). Fourth: TAE's deckbuilding mechanic is absolutely brilliant and I loved how game changing a one-card difference between two decks could be. TAE needs to embrace this idea more and make the cards really the center of the gameplay. One easy way to emphasize deck customization would be to simply include more variety of cards for each character. For instance, I noticed it was only possible to build a melee-focused deck for Winter or Dread. Even though Niia and Nautica both had awesome melee attacks, it was impossible to really take advantage of them in the same way. While I understand the desire to have one or two characters specialize in something that other characters can't for a Champion Shooter style game like this, There definitely need to be more roles that each character can play depending on deck setup. Fifth and final: Marketing. I've read on multiple forums people complaining that they'd never even heard of this game before the servers shut down. The easiest way to let players know this game is around would be to put a link to it on the Warframe homepage. Maybe even give some kind of small incentive reward to Warframe players who decide to join TAE? I sincerely hope DE decides to revive The Amazing Eternals at some point in the not-too-distant future. As someone who normally despises arena-based PVP, I found it surprisingly refreshing and fun and I loved the retro sci-fi theme of the game. If anyone disagrees with any of my suggestions or has any of their own to add, please by all means do so in the comments! Here's to an Amazing comeback!
  7. I hope all the feedback from the Alpha went a long way towards making Keystone better. Here's looking forward to the Closed Beta! =D