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  1. If the game comes back sometime in the future, it likely will be a completely different genre (still keeping the same theme/style). So they would most likely change a few things around with the founder packs.
  2. Why i dont play amazing eternals ATM

    I don't think you can play TAE atm because the servers are down
  3. Best Fanart

    Hi yes I am an aspiring artist please like comment and subscribe
  4. Aw shame to see development paused, but hopefully you guys will figure stuff out!
  5. Loving this! Was hoping for a dice system!
  6. Devstream #1 Overview

    Great first devstream!
  7. Do you guys have any plans for the pacing of the game? It's in a very odd spot due to the fact that it's neither fast paced nor slow paced, which can be off-putting for a lot of players.
  8. Want a role on Discord? Post in here!

    mm hi yes I would like admin thank you have a good day
  9. Name Change Mega Thread

    I think the name sounds good for the game, but it's just a bit too long.
  10. This looks absolutely amazing, great job and thanks for listening!!!