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  1. How to properly UNINSTALL the game now?

    https://www.digitalcitizen.life/six-ways-removeuninstall-windows-programs-and-apps If you are ok with using the Command prompt in Windows, you can try the first option from that site. Make sure to run Command prompt as an administrator.
  2. A Wall of the fallen Eternals

    RIP Nautica The Star of the Sea The Walking Bulls-eye 2017-2017

    Well it's been fun, nice playing with you all one last time. GG WP Till we meet again 😀
  4. Music, Assests, models and maps

    If anyone is interested, I am starting to archive some TAE music and other stuff. I have wav files if you want just audio, or 1080p "video" in mp4. I will be adding more during the next few days, so keep checking back. http://www.mediafire.com/?26zpcpcx38d2v
  5. The Amazing Eternals Development

    Well damn. Sad to hear this. TAE has so much potential. Good luck to you in the future. Hope TAE comes back.
  6. Completed. Main issue I have is countdown timers are too long for matchmaking, start, and end of match.
  7. Devstream #1 Overview

    Great stream today. New content looks good. Can't wait to see it in game!
  8. How to activate voice chat?

    (gear icon) > options > controls > keyboard & mouse > customize key bindings Scroll to the bottom to view/change PTT key.
  9. What About DMCA ?

    You are free to make content and live stream gameplay.
  10. Button to take a screenshot?

    Press F6 for screenshots. The screenshots will be located in your pictures folder under your OS profile eg. C:/users/_yourname_/pictures/amazingeternals
  11. "layaway" for founders packs?

    From the FAQ: Can I upgrade my Founders Pack? Yes, you can upgrade from: Traveler to the Seeker Traveler to Adventurer Traveler to Legend Traveler to Immortal (while supplies last) Seeker to Adventurer Seeker to Legend Seeker to Immortal (while supplies last) Adventurer to Legend Adventurer to Immortal (while supplies last) Legend to Immortal (while supplies last)
  12. "layaway" for founders packs?

    You could get one of the lower packs, and upgrade later. You only pay the difference between the two.
  13. LEAKED

    This is an old topic from the closed alpha. Please ignore as it had to do with the now nonexistent NDA.
  14. Welcome to Closed Beta, Eternals!

    Yes. As long as it has the amazing eternals you have the correct one.