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  1. The Amazing Eternals Development

    RIp TAE 2017-2017
  2. No Update (Oct 15th - 21st)

    Will u be showing anything during twitchcon?
  3. Closed Beta Update 6 Notes (Deploying Oct 12th)

    you live!!!! Mostly with big paches that have a good relation with eachother. Stuff like this is important, Throwing out half an update is kinda crappy when in order to balance out your players need to wait for the other half to come out to make the game fun again
  4. Closed Beta Update 6 Notes (Deploying Oct 12th)

    timer trials are in game by default and some cards have it already
  5. music/Score/Soundtrack download?

    i vote we should get a theme music for every eternal
  6. Developer Workshop: Game Board 2.0

    You can just use Regular ray and get the same chances, just work for it slightly more. And it hurts founders more that enjoy Winter or Niia more then they enjoying ray since some people don't like Ray's mechanics
  7. PSA: Card Timer Changes

    I do agree the need to reduce weapon burn decks from appearing everywhere was the better side of upgrading the timers, but now upgrade decks suffer. and those decks only focus on 1 thing to buff, if they don't get it they suffer and are weaker then everything else. This game now just throws all weapon in your deck since its more efficient to run them to use as timers then to just run other abilities. Firetrap I would think 10 seconds be comfy, wind trap is nice at 10 too try and stop a small 5-second burn for 2 cards and turn it to 20 seconds. Now tho with all these insane high timers, i now just can rotate a Dreamcatcher then specter then Dreamcatcher then specter without any time wasted instead of making a sniper duration buff focus deck. ( Trail blaze/crit/sniper/duration focus/2 dreamcatchers) Also for a lot of other decks, you made so useless you are limiting that of which you trying to promote. Crossbow sucks trying to use as its own weapon in a weapon deck, you just replace it for specter and 100% more profit. Trying to build a poison deck, your timers become so high, your poison will barely grow where it is a threat on its own. And yes I understand the endgame poison can actually get to was insane to be able to 4 tick people to death, but it shouldn't be made useless since you can even get close to killing people since the buffs get so slow. Everyone in discord seems to just be planning weapon decks cause why not, its not worth building upgrade for weapons since the timers don't justify it. I agree with Darkon on Thorny, it is to point its nice to kill people, But you are also stating that it alone is the thing to fear from God. It is a pub stomper it kills people that have no idea what the hell is going on. If anything that should point to better explanation systems and improvements like that, not a treat to increase timers across the board. Bristle Timers were just naturally lowered with all his cards he can cycle any card fast enough if he wanted to. But now I tried doing the math and the timers for even trying to build bristle differently are good enough. You can't easily build a tankier Bristle fast enough now Or a speed Bristle that moves from place to place and can even bash people around the map. I can rant more, but I think its food time so meh I might later <3 And no its not a good plan going foward, for the fact quad damage exists on Dread and Niia is a silly idea and is something that is not needed forward, i mean even with this i can still try to pull off a melee dread and still melee for 300-400 damage if the game is long enough. this didn't fix the issue at all for the timers if anything at all just made it longer to get to insane levels.
  8. PSA: Card Timer Changes

    Ya i know my Dread melee was a problem and i ate you with it when you were bristle. It was not the deck that was doing it, it was that Quad damage you guys gave dread for some reason and refuse to take out
  9. This is the last account reset?

    For which reason tho another progress rework or more fun stuff ?
  10. Closed Beta Update 5 Notes (Deploying Oct 6th)

    100% agree, I understand the purpose to stop burn decks that just rotate guns like spam hell, but it also hurts the crap out of upgrade decks that lock themselves to 1 weapon and try to do decent while their weapons build up. Also to make turret focus ray just more hated lol
  11. Closed Beta Update 5 Notes (Deploying Oct 6th)

    so many changes! and the majority of them are jsut card increases lol
  12. Developer Workshop: Game Board 2.0

    Not really, If your can rotate the board fast enough then that can help you alot more to get to the fabled. i mean it depends on how long it takes to rotate the board and how much u can roll the dice.
  13. Developer Workshop: Game Board 2.0

    Does this mean our prototype ray game piece is now useless or the most OP thing there is?
  14. Dev Hunt Packs

    They being handed out now, calm down Drew is trying to get them all done and you will get yours in time