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  1. the focus card doc is up the starter deck revisions are up.
  2. We miss u drew

    I miss @[DE]Drew and @[DE]Hugo
  3. If I could continue development of TAE.

    @[DE]DrewI want a hat.... but I won't be there Scratch that, I want one of those sweet bowler shirts
  4. Does someone even plays this?

    My hope is they are working on more content, a promo plan, and keeping an eye out for a good hole in an over saturated market. The gameplay was amazing, content was low, and the word really didn't get out to get a sizable playerbase.
  5. Post Updated with the newest version of the revamp.
  6. Winter's Melee timers were in line with Dread's. The issue wasn't card potency, it was that Winter didn't have the passive backstab that niia and dread had, or the mobility without using an upgrade (slider).
  7. For those that have already read this, prior to me deleting most of it, I am working on a different idea that requires less rework to the current game. It is looking very promising stay tuned.
  8. None of us have lol
  9. With some input from @RubyRose I have made further changes to Dread and the Basic section.
  10. how can i be a founder in TAE

    You can't, the game isn't available anymore. the development has been suspended to later date.
  11. Update: Added More to the Basic Section Added Dread and Niia
  12. STARTER DECK REVISIONS: Starter Cards were good at giving players a feeling of what the Eternal had to offer, but the order of cards wasn't fully thought out. During Beta I made it a point to show players that the cards were fine, but that reordering the cards was something that needed to be done. With the help of a few other members of the community, we were able to find those orders, sadly we didn't do a demo for all of the Eternals. (Dread, Nautica, and Niia are from memory I may have error'd on what cards were Starter Cards) Bristle Card Order: Seedling, Log Club, Regrowth, Bark Armor, Trample, Lasting Walls (repeated 7-12) Built and Demo'd by @Darkon Bristle Demo Video: Youtube Link Dread Card Order: Savage Splitter, Rapid Reload, Defiler, Effective Range, Ravager, Instant Bag (repeated 7-12) Built by@Urabask Nautica Card Order: Trident, Absorb, Drop in the Ocean, Oceans Boon, Water Works, Tides Return (repeated 7-12) Built by@RubyRose Niia Card Order: Trail Blazer, Fire Spirit Trap, Specter, Venomous Bite, Lingering Haunt, Trap Shot (repeated 7-12) Built by@RubyRose Ray Card Order: Pulse Pistol, Engineering Mastery(Modded Torch instead of 2nd copy), Disruptor Turret, Heat Sink, Reinforced Gizmos, Emergency Repair (repeated 7-12) Built and Demo'd by@Verticules Ray Demo Video: Youtube Link Winter Card Order: Typhon, Cooling Winds, Bottomless Mag, Maridite Mortar, Maridite Typhon, Extended Pistol Mag (repeated 7-12) Built and Demo'd by@Verticules Winter Demo Video: Youtube Link
  14. CARD FEEDBACK/SUGGESTIONS: This is still a work in progress. Current Contributors@RubyRose @TehPers @Human_Cancer @Splice @Verticules Card Feedback/Suggestion Google Docs: ETERNAL CARDS COMING SOON! FOCUS CARDS Eternal Cards
  15. Delete this

    Do it!