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  1. Progression Unlock w/o RNG Eternal Variants would remain as progression unlocks, although, the unlock requirements would not differ between Eternals. Foil Starter Cards would be removed from Packs and any Crafting Table added to the game, making them progression exclusive. This would add some needed filler between Variant Unlocks. Unlocking All progression for an Eternal grants a Mastery Profile Portrait for in-game and forum usage. Example Rewards on Board Completion: Every Completion: Standard Card Pack Eternal Specific: Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #1 Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #2 Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #3 Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #4 Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #5, Variant #2 Unlock Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #1 Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #2 Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #3 Game Piece Upgrade, Foil Starter Card #4 Foil Starter Card #5, Variant #3 Unlock, Eternal Mastery Profile Portrait Skins vs Cards Market Skins should remain for Eterrnal, L-Shift, Q, Default Weapon Skins, and Weapon Trinkets. Card Ability/Deployable/Weapon Skins should however be added as Fabled Cards rather than Market Items. Existing Fabled Cards should be reduced to lower rarities, saving the rarest of card rank for Cosmetic Variants of Cards. This will also shorten the RNG wall for unlocking gameplay altering content and that is a huge step in the right direction! This will also give us more cards for the craft/unlock experience of the game. Crafting Example (Cost / Breakdown) Common: 10 / 1 Foil: 100 / 50 Rare: 25 / 10 Foil: 150 / 75 Legendary: 75 / 25 Foil: 300 / 150 Fabled: 600 / 300 Paid Services Examples Eternal Variant instant access Skins and Trinkets Advance Tokens d12 rolls instead of d6 Card Packs Daily Login Bonus Ideas Crafting Material Random Card Free Roll Advance Token d12 rolls Milestones: Card Packs, Skins, and Trinkets Change/Remove Problematic, Bugged, Exploitable, Stale, and Underwhelming Cards/Weapons/Abilities I will add this part soon.
  2. Any survivors still dwelling the wasteland?

    @Darkon, Mayor of Bristletown
  3. Private Servers

    If only... I find myself constantly thinking about how to better this game, even now. I get ideas on Balance, Progression and Profitability. Its a time waste for sure, but at least I'm Hopeful /shrug
  4. Suggestions for the Amazing Returnals

    "Keystones will still be a critical part of The Amazing Eternals’ lore and gameplay, but the name didn’t fully capture our vision and made branding unnecessarily complicated." You guys will never see reason on the topic of the name change. It would be extremely annoying and difficult to use Keystone, without stepping into copyright infringement.
  5. A Wall of the fallen Eternals

    Oh... my tombstone... "Here lies Verticules. He tried too hard. May his ego never fade. May he forever pub stomp with premades in Vahalla, dodging losses and padding his k/d. May his Von never again overheat."
  6. What Went Wrong, an alpha tester's perspective

    I truly believe we were given access to the game too early. We only had 4 fully developed characters. The content wasn't there to draw a crowd. And content was slow to come out. It's hard to just say this game should have stayed in alpha, because the game, in terms of content wasn't ready for a regular alpha test. 4 fully and 1 2/3 developed eternal, 3 maps, and 2 game modes is not enough to draw/keep players, even those with the most "tester" mindsets. They are putting a pause on Development, not because they aren't drawing players, but rather because they don't have enough developed to draw players to the game. Don't get me wrong, what they do have is gold! But, they really should have developed at least everything we know about before going to a beta, or maybe even the alpha. 9 Eternals, 4 maps and a Crafting System would have been solid
  7. Here are links to some of my gameplay. BRISTLE DREAD RAY WINTER no cam/mic RAY no cam/mic
  8. A Wall of the fallen Eternals

    Command, it appears he was not immortal.
  9. A Wall of the fallen Eternals

    Raymond Windstone MIA: found his overloaded pistol and a crater.
  10. In Alpha, though we were tasked in reporting bugs and giving feedback on balance and game mechanics, we were not given open-access to all cards, eternals, and variants. We were locked behind slow progression and card acquisition. This slowed the balancing act and bug fixes, requiring a more lengthy Alpha that still didn't feel complete by the PAX deadline. This game should not have gone to Beta with its little content and the amount of know bugs still standing. DE's biggest mistakes for Alpha were ending it with as little content as it did and testing card acquisition rather than giving testers full access to cards. Bugs>Balance>Progression. Progression should have been on the back burner for the majority of Alpha. Knowing that the PAX deadline was set in stone, things from that point could have gone differently. The biggest question of all is, "Why wasn't Beta done on Steam?" This question is easily followed up by questioning the advertisement for the game. It really came down to pulling players from PAX and from their Warframe player base. Steam may not have been enough, but there would be a chance that it would save development even now. That leaves us with how to keep testers playing. Well, we were promised a non-RNG way to get the cards we want. It was most likely some kind of crafting system using our extra cards as fuel to make cards we wanted, but we never saw it. New players were given a buff to give them a few matches to understand the game, when what they really needed was a tutorial of how things worked and maybe some bot matches to ease them into pvp. Most new players probably got frustrated and left shortly there after. The current state of progression and the lack tools given to learn the game were the biggest 2 reasons players didn't stick around. Follow those issues up with Game Breaking Bugs still active and you get a mass exodus of even the most loyal players. All that leading to everyone else ceasing to play due to empty lobbies (the reason I stopped). If these things could have been done, rather than pulling the plug, the game may have survived: Tutorials and Gameplay for new players (new players would get a grasp on the game and be less frustrated with gameplay) The release of the Card Crafting System, or what ever the system was going to be (less grind to feel fulfillment in progression) Putting the game on Steam ( easy advertisement and acquisition of the game for most PC gamers)
  11. The Amazing Eternals Development

    Things to make TAE go differently a 2nd time: Alpha: 1. 8 Eternals (2 for each role)(I think there are 9 total depicted in-game) 2. Unrestricted Access to all cards and Eternals 3. All 4 Maps 4. 24/7 Testing for bug squashing and base balance 5. After Bugs are resolved, Stress Test weekends via Steam and Unrestricted Access Removal the month leading to Beta. Initial testing of Progression and Crafting System begins here. At alpha end, Reset Progression. Beta: 1. On Steam 2. Generalized Balance and Game Stability issues should no longer be a thing. 3. Release Any Content for test that was in development during Alpha. 4. After Bugs/Balance on that content is complete Reset Progression and remove the beta tag. Live: 1. Competitive Preseason used for testing until the eternal count gives more variety to competitive play. Early Testing was hurt by having to unlock content. The current state of the game needed more Eternals, tutorials, and the Crafting System implement at least. The abruptness of alphas end caught me off guard, it was longer than it was supposed to be and it was not long enough. It's sad to see this game go. I will miss it.
  12. The Amazing Eternals Development

    I wish this game had got popularity, I really enjoyed my time with it. I'm glad DE is stepping back. There will be a chance this game could come back in some form due to it not making a release. Had this game released before the plug was pulled there would never be a chance of seeing it again.
  13. So you can come back anytime.... k thanks
  14. @[DE]Drew does assist trial also trigger on kills?