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  1. If I could continue development of TAE.

    The first thing I'd have changed is the TDM by making it the same game mode I suggested before Fortnite boomed: a shrinking battlefield forcing players to the middle lol Paladins did it too, and it makes for some high-pressure plays. It also forces camping players to new areas. Of course now it may be seen as a bandwagon jump, but it wouldn't have been when I first suggested it lol Heck, it could still be made creatively and unique too: have different "safe spots" pop up across the map. For instance: Match starts, "darkness" or whatever starts creeping and the safe spot is marked on the map with a fragment that keeps the darkness/fog/whatever away. The fragment bursts, pushing away all the darkness to the edge of the map again, and a new safe spot with a fragment opens randomly and players have to high-tail it there while the darkness presses inward again. Rinse repeat. This would be just as fun in a FFA setup I think. The point being though is TDM the way it was just wasn't an effective or fun game mode. The maps were too open, and there wasn't a lot of incentive to fulfill your role since it was all just a game of hide and seek between the teams. Fragment Fight was such an amazing mode that it made TDM stale by comparison.
  2. Any survivors still dwelling the wasteland?

    @Verticules I was just popping by myself, thanks for the tag! I was looking through a lot of my footage for the game and missing the group of people I played with, as well as the game and the vision everyone had for it. Some hella fun games, and dank plays. Honestly, if the title ever does resurface, DE should consider hiring some of the dedicated players as consultants. I think we all saw the writing on the wall with every push they made in the wrong direction—we knew what was fun not only because of our love for the title but also because of our passion for games. I've similarly dropped DE's other in-the-works title they are publishing out of sheer boredom with it. Some day, some day lol
  3. Private Servers

    Is anyone at DE willing to host a private server of their own "in memoriam" style? Or allow users to host their own servers? The game is already coded to work P2P, so the only thing we'd probably really need would be a login server. Hosting costs would be minimal. I'm curious. Because I think the community could do a lot with the game: mods, tweak all kinds of settings to make it fun again, etc. etc. I know if I had a server I'd carefully balance out all the timers and cards to promote short rotations, and toy around with a ton of different speed settings. The original vision may not have hit the mark, but that isn't to say that there aren't enough assets to make a truly fun game around. I mean.. think about it. A good example is Flappy Bird. What a horrible, terrible, no good game—all you did was tap to stay afloat. But it capitalized on bragging rights, it embraced its rage-inducing gameplay, and it worked. That's right—a game about tapping to fly between Mario pipes worked and had millions of people playing it. We've got all the pieces to the puzzle, and it would be neat to allow the community to try and rearrange them into a new picture that works out better. Maybe DE could even turn it into a contest of sorts—the server with the highest stable population goes on to help shape how the new iteration of the game will be. Just thoughts. I'm not uninstalling the game because I know that it works P2P. I'm curious if DE would consider private servers as a part of their plan to work the game into something different. Let your fans do all the leg work—we'll find something for you that will turn a profit.
  4. The Amazing Eternals Development

    @[DE]Drew I hope this experience sticks with DE—it's important first and foremost to make a game fun. I still feel that a lot of the design decisions felt forced around the idea of a slower paced game rather than working around what players determined was more fun: shorter timers, stronger cards and combos, and progression rewards that feel meaningful. I think a lot of developers stumble in today's market by forgetting that a game is first a game before it is a business. And to ensure a game is successful, everything must be done to keep it as fun as possible. Too often we find development trying to stick to their guns with their original idea instead of adapting it to include all those silly and fun mistakes that result in more engaging play. A good example I love to use is of the game GunZ. Through rapid sequential key presses, users were able to cancel attack animations and the players created a whole style around these glitches. This became known as K-Style. Why run on the ground and shoot a gun slowly when you can attack walls with swords and (nearly literally) fly around the map at blazing speeds? This kind of gameplay encouraged players to really dedicate themselves to become good. Development, though, tried again and again to patch out what everyone was having so much fun with. The game eventually attracted an immense international base of players due to the high skill cap and the fun rewarding gameplay revolving around these animation cancels. From their success, Maiet (GunZ development) used their funds to create GunZ 2 and, this time around, were stubborn enough to completely eliminate what made the first GunZ unique and fun: K-Style. The game bombed. No—it did worse than that; the game angered everyone to the point where the company lost nearly everything they had going for them. Rather than officially incorporating K-Style into GunZ 2, Maiet did everything they could to strike it out of the concept of the game... and they succeeded not only in that, but in disappointing every player. Sure, they realized their original vision for the game, but in doing so they took away nearly everything that made it fun in the first place. The moral of this story is to embrace what players find fun, and then work around balancing that instead of trying to obstinately force everyone to adhere to the original concept. Be fluid, adapt, allow your creation to take on a shape different from what was first envisioned. I am part of another alpha DE game that also fails to realize this—and they are making changes that detract from how fun the game is in favor of sticking to some original blueprint. I hope it's not too late for them to also recognize what makes the game fun and then balance around that, instead of around their original vision. I had the pleasure of taking a class under the tutelage of Dave Arneson, the creator of Dungeons and Dragons, and one of the best things I took away from him was the understanding that balance is incredibly important. I was also taught to embrace experimental or off-the-wall ideas, and development and publishers typically try and play it too safe. I think Mr. Arneson would feel very badly at having such a great concept such as TAE fall short of the finish line because development wanted to play it safe instead of challenging themselves to build and balance around what made the idea and the game fun in the first place. I look forward to the day when TAE can be revisited. I feel like I am in mourning =(
  5. No Update (Oct 15th - 21st)

    Eh, no worries—take your time. Just don't be surprised if the overall population and participation continue to decline.
  6. Tbh, these changes should have been introduced at the same time as the previous timer changes. Separating these patches was not logical, and the trial updates should have been deployed last week or the timer changes should have been pushed to this week when the trials were ready. Staggering them was silly. But I'm glad to see the changes and will be happy to give them a chance.
  7. They've given away plenty of keys for the game, but nobody is taking them. There is very little (if any at all) marketing for the title outside of word of mouth, DE activity (streams, twitter, etc.), and what not. I still have like 21 keys and nobody to give them to, with sites such as alphabetagamer.com still having a lot left—and I love the site and am positive it gets enough traffic. Players like myself and a few others I know have taken a step back from the title as a means to express dissatisfaction with the recent design choices, state of disrepair of the title, and to just avoid the chore of suffering through a match with everything going on. For instance—I still do not know if it is a bug or a design choice that you can get kicked from a match for losing a single packet, but that makes it near impossible to play at any time other than the middle of the night depending on the stability or stress of your network. I am thinking it is a design choice since I mentioned... something, to someone, about what can happen if you lose a few packets. But this patch addresses that with a heavy hand—everyone likely loses a single packet once in a while, so a kick/host migration should really only happen on 3 consecutive packets being lost and not any less. I trust they'll get everything figured out, but I'm not going full masochist and forcing myself to sit through this mess lol DE will eventually realize that some choices they can or should stand by, but others they have to relinquish to the players—making a game isn't like writing a book. A book you can stand by your story and say "I did this my way", but a game requires finding that balance between the original design and what makes the players happy. DE keeps pushing back to this slow and strained gameplay for some reason, and not many players are (or will be) happy with that. Is being stubborn about long timers and protracted play really worth losing players over? lol
  8. PSA: Card Timer Changes

    @[DE]Allen Thank you for the PSA—it means a lot. But I think the global timer increases bring game play to a crawl and stifle creativity. Wouldn't the ideal solution have been to adjust the timers slightly on the trouble cards that led to those builds rather than a blanket that makes it so the only viable decks are generic weapon swaps? Or just alter their overall effect? I had thought the direction for the title was to promote those crazy and fun builds, but then nerf them to bring them in line—not to nerf the entire deck building process to the point where nothing but weapons stand a chance to shine? Timers are not the way. If something is broken, then the power needs to be adjusted, but the timers increasing bring us full circle to an earlier alpha game whose state is sluggish, boring, and overall not fun. Let's take the Bristle deck you mentioned—if Thorny was too powerful, then adjusting it's burst potential is a nice change, which you did. Cool. It's duration definitely needed a hit, so good job and reducing that to 10s—should be perfect now: just long enough to do its job. But now the total "combo" timer is almost 1 entire minute. I've got 12 cards I have to go through, and I'm expected to wait that long for a single combo? Thorny walls + Reckless Walls (and Stronger Walls where possible) was another beautiful combo. This used to take me a bit of time to pocket, but now it takes over a minute of game play where I can only LMB just to set up? If something is too strong then those values can or should be changed—but the timers do not change the power of the cards, they only make it so when you finally satiate the time investment for them that it's no longer rewarding, enjoyable, or even worth it. Please reconsider the direction of the timers because nerfs are understandable, but blanket timer increases stand to kill the game. Timers affect everything—pacing, how strong you are at a certain point in a match, what you can do and when. Limiting your options this severely makes it so your only flavor of deck is going to be which weapon you're using at a certain time >.>
  9. "If it ain't broken, don't fix it"—why in the world are all the timers increased again? Doesn't that just slow the game down even more? I'm very hesitant about this change, but I will keep an open mind as I am pretty excited for the overall progression changes and whatnot.
  10. The Amazing Eternals Dev Hunt!

    Total hit count so far: 17
  11. The Amazing Eternals Dev Hunt!

    Does this mean that, this weekend, DE members won't be allowed to leave a match? =P I mean... if they're losing, couldn't they just bail the match and nobody would ever get a pack? So all DE is forced to rough out every match no matter what then? Also feel bad for players who are on DE's team—they don't get a shot at winning anything that match =(
  12. Community Poll: Splitting Squads

    I'm not a fan of splitting because I like playing with specific players—I enjoy their company and communicating with them in VC. I think the problem a lot of people have with squads is how they can make a team immediately uneven. That's the problem—going from a 2v2 one second and the next it's a 5v2 because a squad joined. The problem, to me at least, is that squads are placed into existing matches that may already be even or just needing one spot to be even (i.e. 2v3, a 3-squad joins to make it 5v3), or that squads create their own lobby prior to an even number of opponents appearing (i.e. lobby is created with 4v0 and the game starts, but it shouldn't start until the enemy team fills up to match the squad count). Squads shouldn't create a gross imbalance—but that's matchmaking, not squads specifically. So I vote to keep squads intact, but matchmaking definitely needs to address squads—I'd gladly wait in queue longer if it meant that I'm allowed to play with my friends as I can in any other game. Founder packs incentivize purchases by including Beta Keys that players can give to their friends...but, once your friend joins, you're not going to be able to play with them? lol Matchmaking is what needs the fix—no cutting corners because of a symptom of squads not being handled correctly right now.
  13. [Community/Official] Stream/Video List

    I've streamed a few matches so far, but will likely start streaming heavily in November when I can get my new card and another monitor. For now it will only be the occasional stream with each saved within videos if anyone cares to see them. twitch.tv/deimancer
  14. Thread isn't locked, snagging a post
  15. Now... how do I trick the system into giving me this buff...