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Is anyone at DE willing to host a private server of their own "in memoriam" style? Or allow users to host their own servers? The game is already coded to work P2P, so the only thing we'd probably really need would be a login server. Hosting costs would be minimal.

I'm curious. Because I think the community could do a lot with the game: mods, tweak all kinds of settings to make it fun again, etc. etc. I know if I had a server I'd carefully balance out all the timers and cards to promote short rotations, and toy around with a ton of different speed settings. The original vision may not have hit the mark, but that isn't to say that there aren't enough assets to make a truly fun game around.

I mean.. think about it. A good example is Flappy Bird. What a horrible, terrible, no good game—all you did was tap to stay afloat. But it capitalized on bragging rights, it embraced its rage-inducing gameplay, and it worked. That's right—a game about tapping to fly between Mario pipes worked and had millions of people playing it.

We've got all the pieces to the puzzle, and it would be neat to allow the community to try and rearrange them into a new picture that works out better. Maybe DE could even turn it into a contest of sorts—the server with the highest stable population goes on to help shape how the new iteration of the game will be.

Just thoughts. I'm not uninstalling the game because I know that it works P2P. I'm curious if DE would consider private servers as a part of their plan to work the game into something different. Let your fans do all the leg work—we'll find something for you that will turn a profit.

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If only...

I find myself constantly thinking about how to better this game, even now. I get ideas on Balance, Progression and Profitability. Its a time waste for sure, but at least I'm Hopeful /shrug

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